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SFN! will discuss Compassionate Perspectives!

This media is based on the belief that all human life is precious and that a civilized society is responsible for recognizing the dignity of all people.  It is people's relationships that are important for the future of our community.          This media will focus on clarifying the balance of power between various groups, family and individuals and our relationship with the world around us.                  This media will become an easy access for community members to exchange wisdom, values, & real experiences for the purpose of improving our quality of life.          

The foundation of OUR media is based on our belief in our human ability to transition into a peaceful future for humanity!

  1. Our community media must respect all human beings with the realization that the sociology of human beings discerns the true reasons for the state of humanity.
  2. Our community media must assist in communication that will allow people to better understand each other through direct representation of the people.
  3. Our community media must assist in effective array of information to allow people to make decisions based on their own welfare as well as the welfare of community in such matters as resources and human development.
  4. Our community media must help the people define a common foundational understanding of life as experienced by the masses.

The new paradigms being put into action effect only those who experience the full effect, or observe it.  However, what is the number of people who know about it and how can more people know about it as it pertains to knowing everything at once.  Since that is unfeasible, we will slowly work toward a community mainstream of communication, so that the community as a whole can know major universal 1) language, 2) human feelings, 3) spirituality, 4) social peace, and 5) major concerns for a century – only 100 years – for any given community since that is the full life-span of a specific generation of time. 

For Example:

Business and Community Organizations aticles may contain the following type of information and other questions that may show how these organizations benefit our community.  There are a multitude of social concerns being addressed through these organizations and that is why they are so important to universal awareness.

Questions to Ask Organizations:


  1. What is your organization’s main purpose?  Also secondary purpose?
  2. What are some project activities of your organization?
  3. What are some great triumphs that you have achieved?
  4. What is the greatest problem your organization has experienced in striving to fulfill your goals.  Secondary problems.
  5. How many people have come to you for your services and are there more people that need your services?  This is the most important question.
  6. Do you have to turn people away because you don’t have enough of your resources?
  7. What qualifies a person to receive your services?
  8. Who is the contact person, how can people be referred to your organization’s services?
  9. What are your funding sources?  How long has your organization been in service?
  10. What are some of your experiences with the services your organization offers.
  11. What is the success rate for clients you have helped?
  12. Why do some people not benefit from your services even after you have helped them?


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