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Emerging Cultures

This will be one of the most exciting sections of this media.  The people in our community will learn more about every culture here.  There will be total recognition of the dignity of all cultures and all individuals.

Some news will be translated into different languages.

We will include all compassionate voices from our community!

We will include individual/spiritual development and ideals.

We will include themes that represent our various social connections

People's Experiences & Wisdom Are Priceless!  Please share what you think is important for the peoples of all our cultures!!  Instructions for submissions can be found on "Getting Involved" page of our website!  At your convenience, you may ask questions or clarify what we mean about anything you read on our website by emailing us at "WorldPeaceOrBust@yahoo.com!

Your new mainstream will consist of superb wisdom that opens people’s understanding of the universe, and wherein members of our community can converse with each other about the spirit of life, rather than the details.  We will have whole populations who understand how to open their own dynamic life force – and how they want to live as a human being.  Right now many people in our communities are afraid that there will be no safety bridge during the social transition that they know must occur.  But if they all, through a central mainstream media, become familiar with community concepts and structures, many people will come forward who can create ways to change society more smoothly than does our current bureaucracy.  People can become familiar with what social causes create what effects on the pre-existing populations they intend to “serve.”

 This media is written by the people who live in this community, some about their experiences as a person and some related to their connection with the community.   This media will portray the essence of our urgent need for clarifying actions we need learn about, with our purpose to clarify the essence of people's concerns for an intelligent and compassionate social world. 

I think one of the number one “rights of passage” of human existence is that we have to be willing to be complete fools, to be “human” in front of others and go through the fire.  Initially, every person adopts some belief that allows them to have hope in place of grief.  Sometimes we go through grief stages of calling forth that bottom-line hope, other times we need to be pursuing that hope while challenging tremendous conflict that surround our own objectives!  Something like, “I can do it somehow; this is what I need to do to help myself and others,” versus, “I don’t see how I can possibly do what I feel I need to because the obstacles are too high, the goal is too great.  I am not the person who can do that action, even though I want to.”  Another part of our social problems derive from people who are inadvertently or purposely keeping each other prisoners within the realm of emotional abuse or chaotic understandings!



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